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Window Tinting for the Home

Regardless of the film you select, placing it on your house windows is a simple procedure. If your window tint is given by the meter, you will also need a knife (a good craft knife would suffice) to cut the film to your precise size. You will also need a plant spray bottle, some dishwashing detergent, and washing-up liquid.

You must first clean your window as entirely as you can. May prevent debris from getting between the window film and the pane and potentially affecting the installation by thoroughly cleaning your glass. Once the glass has been cleaned, the backing sheet for each window film must be removed.

What can I achieve with window film in my home?

Your home’s windows can be tinted or covered with window film to address a variety of problems. For daylight one-way privacy, a reflective film can be used; for 24-hour two-way privacy, a frosted window film is required. The reflective film works by creating an auto tint look on the external face of your window during daylight hours, blocking outward visibility while retaining outward visibility. As much natural light as possible may travel through the glass thanks to the carefully created films. Which provides seclusion without obstructing light.

Frostbite frosted window film will be applied to your glazing to give it the impression of acid-etched or sandblasted glass, resulting in a modern and fashionable appearance.

Window tinting for privacy:

The Window Film Company offers a selection of premium films and tints created with you and your home or place of business in mind. There are two major approaches to attaining privacy: one-way daylight privacy, or two-way privacy that is effective around the clock. Using a reflective coating allows for one-way privacy.

One of our most popular residential window films. The film blocks the view from the outside by creating the appearance of a mirror on the exterior of your glass. You may enjoy the luxury of solitude without giving up your view thanks to a specially designed film. That preserves a view from the inside out and permits good levels of visible light to travel through the glass.

At The Window Film Company, we offer a variety of high-quality films and tints that are designed to provide you with long-lasting privacy in your home or workplace. Privacy can be achieved in two main ways – one-way daytime privacy, or two-way privacy that is effective for 24 hours

Reflective films provide one-way privacy. As one of our most popular residential window films, this film creates a mirror effect on the outside of your glass, blocking the view from the outside.

Window tinting for heat reduction:

At home and in the workplace, too much heat may be a serious problem. Without any barriers, solar energy from the sun will just keep passing through the glass. Gradually increasing the inside temperature until it becomes unpleasant. As a result, offices or other workplaces may no longer be conducive to productivity and well-being and conservatories may become useless.

Conventional techniques for reducing heat can be ineffective, costly, and challenging to maintain. Blinds or curtains, for instance. They can be closed or drawn in an effort to prevent heat. But they are really ineffectual because even when they are closed solar radiation still enters the room via the glass and raises the temperature. Moreover, blinds and drapes will dim the light and obstruct the view.

Other benefits of window tinting:

Window tinting can help reduce glare and protect against fading and UV rays. Using it for safety and security is also possible. Window film can be applied to any glass surface, such as auto tinting doors, partitions, or shower screens. Window Film Company offers extensive testing and development of its high-quality window films and tinting products.



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